Sunday, 13 September 2015

Boot goes to King's Lynn

King's Lynn had a heritage open day today so I though poorly leg might enjoy a local outing. I was desperate to see the 15th century town hall as it has such wonderful exposed beams. Boot was just thankful that they had a lift - Heathen!
The Stone Hall

In one of the rooms a group of costumed dancers performed dances from 1720 which were so delicate. Boot seemed to enjoy it and was seen at one point to tap its toes, but that was not to last. 

It all went well until they asked for volunteers to join in. Boot was not allowed to dance and became very sulky and cross - again!

To cheer Boot up, I took it to the river. Boot doesn't like water, but does like boats so especially enjoyed the fishing ones moored there.
So tonight, I took the poorly leg to meet friends at Bill's in Norwich. The burgers there are amazing. I also had a rather unusual cocktail called a Raspberry and Rosehip Collins which was rather yummy - and a Bill's cider.

Boot was not happy as had to spend most of the evening under the table, Here is a picture of boot sulking.

Boot goes to Oxburgh

Today I took the poorly leg to Oxburgh Hall, a lovely 15th century house in Norfolk owned by the National Trust. There were a few Tudor stalls there and there was an oppotunity to try on costumes (boot refused point blank).

The house is a lot like Hampton Court albeit on a much smaller scale and it has a huge moat with crocodiles, sharks and piranha fish so no swimming is allowed.

Here's us posing with the house in the background. You can probably just make out the moat.

We had a lovely lunch then stopped to play chess, but boot got in the way and kept 'accidentally' knocking the pawns over. This is how it looked before we started playing.

 And afterwards...


 Finally, on the way out we had a look at the plants and flowers which were 'bootiful' (*sighs*). They have a great variety of apple trees there plus a climbing pear tree which you weren't aloowed to climb !?!
Still, a lovely afternoon.